Sheryl Grant (SGI) was established in 2006 as an Education Technology Company focused on “Mental Wellness”, supporting and empowering underrepresented professionals, business leaders, and entrepreneurs to get mentally FIT. For nearly 15 years, we have worked with large corporations and nonprofits across the United States and Internationally to facilitate social impact programs for people of color, including diversity, morale, and community initiatives around the globe.



About Sheryl Grant

Sheryl Grant helps executives, entrepreneurs, and ambitious women (especially Black-Women and Women of Color) to achieve more! Sheryl is the Founder and CEO of SGI; an award-winning social enterprise focused on transformation from the inside out with its flagship company, FIT for Business.

After winning the Ms. Olympia international fitness competition at the age of 55, Sheryl realized that transforming her body began with transforming her mind. She has since developed and launched a proprietary program, FIT for Business, that helps leaders get more out of their business, career, and life. FIT is an acronym for (F)aith helps you believe the right things, (I)ntuition helps you make the right decisions, and (T)enacity gives you the strength to keep improving.

Previously, Sheryl served as the Executive Director for The Global Women’s Leadership Network (GWLN), which has graduated over 200 women social entrepreneurs from over 30 countries. Additionally, GWLN delivered Transformational Leadership Training Programs, creating personal and economic empowerment for women and minority entrepreneurs, individuals, and executives across the globe. Sheryl currently serves as the Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors for the Oakland African American Chamber of Commerce–which raised more than 1 Million dollars supporting Black businesses over the pandemic–in addition to the Board of Directors for the Giving Back Fund.

Sheryl has also served as the President of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc., Oakland/Bay Area Chapter, where she wrote the curriculum for the Positive Steps Girls Program (girls 12-17), which focuses on mentoring, and leadership development in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). In this leadership role, she raised over $500K to support the organization’s advocacy work around women and girls, which included Positive Steps, Sistah’s Getting Real About HIV/AIDS, and Financial Literacy Awareness. These programs helped to promote and pass legislation to support the rights of women and girls nationwide.

Sheryl is also a founding/instrumental member (since 2019) of Athlete’s Influence and the Capital Untapped series of Keynotes to leading Family Office, Private Wealth, Impact, and Alternative Investment summits throughout the country.

Sheryl holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Systems and a Master’s in Leadership Development. She is a Social Media Influencer with a following of over 150K followers on Social Meda and growing. She is not only setting the stage by providing a platform for the next generation of leaders but breaking barriers by providing them with the necessary resources and tools not just to survive but to thrive in today’s market.

The Market

FIT for Life Products will serve as a transformational leadership tool in developing the next generation of the diverse and growing markets of black women, women of color, and underserved communities.

For Individuals / Entrepreneurs

Women of Color, black women specifically, are breaking more barriers than ever before…

  • Women of Color (WoC) are the fastest-growing group in higher education, receiving nearly 60% of postsecondary degrees.
  • Black Women, however, owe 22% more in student debt than non-Black Women and are less likely to be hired or promoted.
  • Women of Color account for 89% of net new women-owned businesses per day (1,800)
  • From 2014 to 2020, Women-owned businesses grew by 21%, firms owned by WoC grew by 43% while African American women-owned firms grew by 50%
  • While white women-owned businesses make an average of 108,000, WoC-ownedbusinesses earn $64,000, while Black Women-owned businesses earn $24,000With the rise of digital learning solutions and the dominance of ‘holistic wellness’ in consumer markets, women are looking for a solution that addresses their goals for professional, entrepreneurial, AND personal growth (mind, body, and spirit).

The Problem

With individuals, professionals, and entrepreneurs increasingly turning away from traditional institutional learning and towards online learning solutions, women and people of color face increased barriers to finding the trustworthy resources and networking opportunities necessary to thrive.

There is a multitude of online programs on the market today that provide access to knowledge about personal, professional, and entrepreneurial development. Many individuals who take these programs have trouble creating or sustaining results because they don’t have a network to help push them toward their goals. Without a trusted community to give advice, insight, and motivation, stagnation in your journey is almost inevitable.

How is SGI Changing the Room?

FIT for Life is a revolutionary personal development platform focused on helping you mentally get FIT AND ‘Kinect’ the dots to success in your business, career, and LIFE!

“It’s not always what you know; it’s who you know.”

For a small yearly subscription, FIT Members get access to the award-winning FIT for Business Course for breaking mental barriers, tools for journaling & goal-setting, and a library of self-paced courses and challenges. But the platform doesn’t stop there; To help members ‘Kinect” the dots on the journey to success, each member gets exclusive access to LIVE weekly coaching sessions with Sheryl’s network of fitness coaches, nutritionists, career coaches, branding experts, and more to help them on their journey to FITness!

FIT Members Get access to the following:

LIVE Coaching Sessions: The FIT platform comes alive with weekly coaching sessions. Each mentor on our platform will conduct a minimum of one (1) live monthly coaching session on the FIT platform. During this session, the mentor will present information, provide guidance and answer any questions from the live audience. (Each of our mentors agrees to conduct a minimum of 1 session per month for the duration of the agreement.)

Exclusive Content: Your written content helps FIT members to stay engaged with you and is the most simple way to promote your business to the masses. From blog content to articles, checklists, written guides, and beyond, mentors are welcome to submit new or repurposed written content to the FIT platform.

Courses & Challenges: FIT Challenges and courses are automated, self-paced, and provide concrete knowledge regarding your expertise. Challenges and courses include a written curriculum, companion videos, guides, and workbooks. We can create new course content together with us or submit your courses to the FIT platform!

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