Member Benefits

We provide a diverse set of products and advisory services that can be tailored to different types of multi-generational family offices.
Member Benefits

Member Benefits

Unique Sourcing

Members are invited to present opportunities to the ShareNett Investment Team and ShareNett Investment Committee for review, approval and network syndication.

Systematic Due Diligence

Each potential opportunity undergoes a formal due diligence process from the ShareNett Investment Team and the ShareNett Investment Committee before it is approved and posted on the platform.

Curated Access

The ShareNett Network offers unparalleled direct access to best-in-class investors, operators and sponsors of opportunities which are asset-class, industry, stage and geographically agnostic.

Direct Co-Investment & Alignment

Sponsors lead the equity investment in each transaction, directly aligning their interest and success with Members who invest alongside them on a deal-by-deal basis.

Secure, Centralized Digital Locker

Members store investor documents (i.e., K-1, consents, cap tables, etc.), company news and information in a personal, secure digital repository.

Events, Education, & Networking

We host topical members-only events headlined by top industry professionals and thought leaders. Content is curated and shared via the ShareNett Speaks newsletter.

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