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We support and enhance Family Office resources and operate as an extension of their investment team that sources, conducts due diligence and monitors investments.
Our Platform

Secondary Liquidity Solutions

Our Proprietary Alternative Trading System

ShareNett Securities LLC, Member: FINRA & SIPC, has received regulatory approval to operate an Alternative Trading System (ATS), which allows for secondary trading of private company securities and optimized settlement through a designated custodial solution.

ShareNett Securities received a Private Letter Ruling from the Department of Treasury (IRS) to operate a Qualified Matching Service (QMS) to transfer up to 10% of the interests in a partnership during the partnership’s taxable year without the adverse tax effect of being treated as a publicly traded partnership (i.e., 5x the amount of LP Interests in Private Funds over a 12-month period can trade on the ShareNett ATS without having any adverse tax consequences for the GP).

The ShareNett ecosystem enables investors to achieve enhanced price discovery and liquidity, with full transparency in its secondary market for private company securities.