Our Platform

We support and enhance Family Office resources and operate as an extension of their investment team that sources, conducts due diligence and monitors investments.
Our Platform

Investment Process & Monitoring

Sourcing & Due Diligence

Our member network often acts as the sponsor that leads the investment round, directly aligning their interest and success with other members who invest alongside them. We conduct deep investment and operational due diligence on each investment opportunity regardless of how it was sourced.

Investment Committee Review

Our Investment Committee reviews offerings taking into consideration market opportunity, team backgrounds, business model, evaluation of financial position, and other quantitative criteria.

Virtual Data Room

Approved deals are listed on our online portal where investors can access the offerings, presentations and relevant investment documents.

Post Close Monitoring

Transactions conducted through ShareNett are monitored post-close. Members can access updates via a centralized digital locker, offering secure and organized storage of relevant investment documents, issuer updates and statements.