About ShareNett

ShareNett is a members-only, global network of active investors seeking curated, quality investment opportunities.
About Us

About Us

ShareNett connects and empowers family offices from around the world by providing access to unique investment solutions that aim to sustain and expand wealth over multiple generations. Sharenett is a gateway, to any asset, any time, any place, on any device.

Who We Are

ShareNett is a members-only, global network of active investors — high net worth individuals, investment professionals, and family office principals — seeking curated, quality investment opportunities. Members benefit from the unprecedented opportunity to align their capital with peers who have proven to be the best at what they do.

Our members’ domain expertise is utilized to source and sponsor leading opportunities in the alternative investment universe. ShareNett facilitates peer-to-peer investing independent of major institutions and all investments are discretionary, voluntary and made directly.

A secure and regulatory-compliant platform provides a trusted environment for members to share actionable investment ideas, content, relationships, and resources. Membership in ShareNett is by invitation only.


What We Do

ShareNett offers access to a differentiated set of investment opportunities, including both direct investments and fund investments. Each offering undergoes an institutional level due diligence process and is continuously monitored by a seasoned investment team.

ShareNett enables clients to buy and sell private securities through a trusted, regulatory compliant secondary liquidity platform with transparent pricing and low costs. 

ShareNett members get access to data rooms, virtual roadshows, industry symposiums, streamlined execution, a document management and archiving platform, and receive post-transaction investment updates.


How We Serve the Needs of the Private Market

Due Diligence & Monitoring

We work with families to identify the right investment solutions, conduct thorough due diligence, and provide post-transaction close monitoring and support.

Secure Transactions

Our top tier technology and infrastructure allows for frictionless online transactions and secure document repository.

Secondary Liquidity Solutions

ShareNett provides connectivity with secondary liquidity solutions seamlessly within our platform, allowing members to buy/sell illiquid holdings in a transparent, trusted regulatory framework.

Dedicated Relationship Managers

All members are assigned a dedicated Relationship Manager to address and assist with all needs, be it to pursue an M&A transaction, create a structure that addresses your unique circumstances, review distressed assets, or pursue philanthropic engagements.