Danielle Brown

Danielle Brown is the Managing Partner and CEO, Altriarch Capital Management, LLC, where she brings 20 years of experience in the hedge fund, private equity and private credit sectors to Altriarch.

Previously, she was a Managing Director with Dyal Capital Partners where she was responsible for strategic planning, fundraising and operational efficiencies within portfolio companies. At Dyal, she was responsible for forming and executing strategy plans at the underlying portfolio companies that aimed to maximize enterprise value.  Danielle also helped grow AUM from $1 billion within one fund strategy to over $15 billion across three fund strategies and four funds. Previous Global Head of Investor Relations & Client Development at Round Table Investment Management Company where AUM grew from $184 million to over $1.1 billion in 15 months. Previous Senior Research Analyst with the Alternative Strategies Group at Wachovia Bank (currently Wells Fargo).

Danielle began her hedge fund investment career with Quellos Capital Management. She holds a B.A. magna cum laude in Business with a concentration in Finance from Seattle University and is a Chartered Financial Analyst.

Where do you source investments?

We rely on a wide network of relationships, both personal and professional.  The largest source of deals come from our close friends at Nex3 and Sway Ventures.  We also watch what is coming out of the organizations throughout the Southeast that are focused on helping entrepreneurs.

What stage do you invest?

Altriarch has a barbell approach to PE investing.  We look at firms very early in their life cycle, at pre-VC stages and in much later stages just before buyout or IPO through our secondaries investing.  Our network of Venture capitalists on the west coast are comfortable sourcing ideas for us since we sandwich the range in which they invest.  We like the idea that our network could take an entrepreneur from ideation to IPO.

What types of investments and sectors do you focus on?

We look for investments that we have an information edge or maybe better said where we have deep operational knowledge.  This is true in both our Private Credit and Private Equity efforts.  Our PE focus is Tech heavy and looking for disruptive ideas to old line businesses, i.e., drug discovery, private markets exchange, micro-lending.  All these areas share the same challenges of fragmentation and isolation.  The work we do tries to find a needle in the haystack more quickly and efficiently.

How are you “changing the room”?

Altriarch isn’t focused only on deploying capital to companies run by women or minorities, but I think that investments led by those groups have a better chance at getting capital from us, as a fellow woman-owned firm.  There have been instances through my entire 20-year career where I have been pigeonholed as “only a marketer” when less than a third of my career was in client development.  This has been especially true of recruiters in the industry.  Running Altriarch gives me that opportunity to utilize the full range of skills developed over the last 20 years.

We actively seek out investors who are minorities and we hope to participate in the Pinckney Scholars Internship Program when it starts again next Summer. I think providing people of all different backgrounds with exposure to our industry will help fill a pipeline of talent.

Is there anything else we should know about you?

I would like Altriarch to eventually move into environmental impact investing, applying our same problem-solving efforts to challenges we face environmentally.