Katherine Hill Ritchie

Katherine Hill Ritchie has worked internally and as an advisor to 7 Family Offices through her firm, Private Capital Investments, LLC. Mrs. Hill Ritchie is currently a Registered Representative of ShareNett Securities and is a Director and Board Member of Nottingham Spirk Family Office. Prior to Nottingham Spirk, Mrs. Hill Ritchie worked for Simon Group Holdings, Eden Capital, and PEX Global where she specialized in direct deals and secondaries. Mrs. Hill Ritchie spent 7 years in Switzerland, where she was a Managing Director at Palladio Alternative Research and a Senior Analyst and Investment Committee Member for the Saad Family Office’s $3.5 billion investment portfolio. Mrs. Hill Ritchie is a seasoned Angel Investor and serves on the Investment Committee for University Impact, a social impact Venture Capital fund. Mrs. Hill Ritchie received her MBA from Fordham University and her BS in Psychology from the University of Maryland.


Q: What is your sector focus?

A: At Nottingham Spirk, we focus on disruptive Medical Devices, Consumer Products and Industrial Equipment and Materials.



Q: What stage do you target?

A: Nottingham Spirk has a barbell approach. There has been a history of early stage/venture, especially tech transfer opportunities from universities but also in the past couple of years we have shifted to late stage LBOs with private equity firms and family offices.



Q: Where do you find opportunities?

A: Everywhere! I am constantly talking to my network of family offices, PE firms, VCs, Angels, startups, public and private companies, bankers, lawyers, accountants, referrals, I speak at a lot of events, etc. I keep an open mind because you never know where you may find some interesting information or opportunities. Being part of groups like ShareNett and ACG is very valuable.



Q: How are you Changing the Room?

A: Personally, I have begun to invest in myself. I have invested into 2 VC funds with female fund managers who invest in women and diverse entrepreneurs. I am also working with a handful of female entrepreneurs and their early stage companies. They span industries across technology, FinTech, med devices, AI, renewable energy, tracking devices, etc.